The admin is the man who fall in love with VR.

Once a time, he quit his job for searchingĀ a salary-no-requirement and station-no-requirement job in VR companies. However, none of them give him a chance to have an audition. What a sad story.

And now he starts VR content resources webs. Hope it’ll be better and better under this way.

Do everything for VR, make contribution for VR. This is a dream of a 35 years old man. Let’s dance together.


1, We can’t guarantee that all the videos are available for display. Because those videos are not hosted in our servers. We just embedded them due to network costs. If the resource is gone, you can’t display either.

2, We can’t guarantee that all the videos are real 360 degree VR videos, there are no more than 3% false 360 VR videos in our database. But them are worthy to be watched.

3, We do not own the copyright of these videos, for we just embedded them for some videos sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, 360heros, etc. We just collect all 360 degree VR videos onto our site.

4, A little of videos, especially in category “Beauty” and “Horror”, may contain adult content, so be sure you are 18+ for watching them.

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